marjan de visser conservator paintings

Marjan de Visser conservator paintings

Since 1994, Marjan de Visser has had her own painting conservation studio in the center of The Hague (NL). De Visser was originally trained as a painter at the Art Academy in Arnhem (NL). Rotterdam Museum Boijmans van Beuningen then educated her as a conservator.

As of twenty years, De Visser has been restoring paintings on canvas, metal and wood from Old Masters, especially early 16th century Flemish to 17th century Dutch masters and 18th to 19th century paintings. More recently, De Visser has started restoring a large collection of Modern Masters and Contemporary paintings. 

Studies and specialisations

Studio De Visser specialises in surface cleaning (varnish removal), tear mending and preventive conservation. The expertise in surface cleaning and varnish removal follow the guidelines of the ‘New Cleaning Methods’ by Richard Wolbers (University of Delaware). Canvas tears are being repaired in accordance to the “Thread-by-thread tear mending for canvas paintings” technique by the Doerner Institute in Munich, Germany.

De Vissers knowledge of degradation processes is based on her studies of the impact of high temperature (T) and humidity (RH) on western style paintings. De Visser has travelled to tropical climates to investigate the effects of hot-humid climates on paintings. In addition, De Visser has trained with Marion Mecklenburgs and applied his theory and understanding of the “Mechanical properties of solid materials and the effects of environmental factors such as temperature and moisture” (Museum Conservation Institute, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.).

Awards and certificates

To date, De Visser has obtained certificates in Chemistry and numerous certificates and awards related to painting conservation by several institutions from Paris to London, and Ottawa to Amsterdam. In order to continuously develop her expertise, De Visser earned her Masters of Museology in 2011. Furthermore, she attended and led workshops in Preventive and Active Conservation all over the world.


Studio De Visser works for various museums in The Netherlands, such as the Zuiderzee Museum, Groninger Museum, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Cobra Museum, Stedelijk Museum Breda and Museum Katwijk. Internationally, De Visser performs conservation projects, condition reports and courier services for both museums, galleries and collectors.

In order to fully accommodate the wishes and needs of her clients, Studio De Visser has developed a flexible mobile studio, allowing international travels for conservation projects and practical advice to private owners and museum collections.

Marjan de Visser Conservator Paintings


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