Condition reports

Preparing condition reports of art and heritage collections.

marjan de visser

Marjan de Visser writes condition reports for museums, associations and private individuals. A condition report is a snapshot of the condition of the painting. The report describes the material condition of the painting. In other words, it is a zero measurement. Of course, the condition of the painting is checked over and over again with each loan request. The assessment is usually a few weeks prior to the loan. However, a condition report is also required prior to a painting conservation and restoration.

These condition reports are generally commissioned by museums. Yet it is also regularly private individuals who ask for a condition report with a loan. Both for a loan in the Netherlands and abroad.

Condition reports for art collections

à la campagne Fries Museum

Van Maris tot Monet, February 2022

Picasso and Giacometti Voorlinden

October 2021 t/m February 2022

Condition reports

muiderslot collection

The first action starts with a condition check on location. The assessment is done using UV, daylight, and raking light. When necessary, the object is also examined under the microscope. Naturally, the condition report is the first to describe the material used. From this follows the condition description of the materials of the total painting. When considering condition reports, don’t just think of paintings. Because Marjan de Visser also writes these for drawings, sculptures, and documentation material. Of course, an overview photo is always taken. And with a corresponding numbering of detailed photos. That completes a report.

Condition reports

condition check Stedelijk Museum Schiedam


condition checks

condition check Museum Voorlinden

Some executed condition reports

on behalf of museums, foundations, institutions and private individuals:


Condition check for Stedelijk Museum Schiedam Manzoni in HOLLAND and Meesterlijke Vrouwen ,together with interns, 2019.

Condition check for Museum Voorlinden, de iconische objecten van Yayoi Kusama, 2019.

Condition reports for the Stedelijk Museum Breda, Collectie onder de loep, 2018.

In museum Voorlinden Martin Puryear the objects were assessed together with an intern, 2018

For the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam Jan Henderikse, on loan from many museums in the Netherlands, 2018.

Extensive research and preparation of reports for the Schilderijen collectie Muiderslot ,2018.

For Foundation Constant, on loan to Reina Sofia in Madrid, 2016. Then in the autumn for Fondazione Roma Museo, Rome, 2016.

Also worked for the Constant Foundation on exhibitions in Gemeente Museum Den Haag en Cobra Museum Amstelveen 2016.

Cobra collection on loan for ‘Klee und Cobra, Ein Kinderspiel, Centrum Paul Klee (Bern Switzerland then to Louisiana Humlebaek Denmark, 2011

Some older examples of condition reports, but no less exciting!

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam en RCE Gouverneurspaleis Curacao, 2008.

On loan from private collection ‘Fondation Constant’, Constant Nieuwenhuis, 2007.

Condition reports

condition reports for exhibition Corneille in Schiedam 2018

Condition reports

condition control works of art Jan Henderikse in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Condition reports

condition report Brunhilde by Puryear – Museum Voorlinden 2018

  • Condition reports

    condition report of the RCE art collection in Gouverneurspaleis Curacao

★ I like to share my knowledge of paintings and love for conservation with colleagues and clients ★

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