Before and after restoration

Examples of painting and frame restorations


A selection of conservation examples of painting and frame restorations. It is compiled from pictures taken before and after restoration. In some cases pictures during treatment are selected. As during treatment all stages of the treatment are photographed. This way the customer gets a complete image of the treatment process.  Obviously there is a conservation report for our clients in which he/she can read the treatment, step by step. This report contains not jus overview pictures but also detailed pictures of the process.  

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Example 7

A painting by Charles Rochussen, during treatment.The left picture shows the removal of a yellowed varnish layer. As you can see, we removed the varnish on the left side of the painting. The other picture shows the same painting taken under UV fluorescence after a total varnish removal. Followed by two pictures before and after treatment. Take a good look at the colour of the sky after treatment. The greenish sky has changed into blue and in the same time the green looks fresher.

During  restoration
during varnish removal daylight
during restoration
during varnish removal UV light

Example 6

A painting of little kittens by Cornelis Raaphorst. It entered the studio smelling after nicotine. We tested several cleaning methods as it was covered with a thick yellow layer. After removal the fur of the kittens is bright white again. Compare the differences before and after restoration.

Cornelis Raaphorst painting beforrestoration
Cornelis Raaphorst painting after restoration

Example 5

Johnson van Ceulen before restoration
Johnson van Ceulen after restoration

Above two pictures of the same painting that was painted in 1650 by Johnson van Ceulen. It represents theConfrerie  Sint Sebastiaen of the Noble Longbow  from the city of Middelburg in the Netherlands. The painting can be admired during a guided tour bij the VVV of Middelburg. It hangs in the Old Townhall on the Markt. Conservation treatment was done in 2016 on location. The painting was treated by team of  five conservator. Marjan de Visser brought together a team of two colleagues from London and two interns from Lyon.

Example 4

Another example of a painting that was restored by Marjan de Visser.This painting is called ‘Flora’ and is painted by Jan Abel Wassenbergh in 1727. The differences between the two pictures are tremendous.

before restoration
after restoration

A beautiful detail taken after restoration.

after conservation-restoration
detail after restoration treatment

example 3

This painting by Ger Jacobs is framed in a chalky white frame. Both painting and frame were very dirty while entering the studio. Since bothe were covered by a coating of soot. Underneath a yellowed varnish was found, hiding the bright colorfull palet of the artist jacobs. Together with intern Sanne van Joost, Marjan de Visser reveiled the bright colours of the seascape and the intern the creamy skin of the frame. Judge for yourself the differences before and after restoration.

painting and frame conservation restoration after treatment
after restaoration
painting and frame conservation  restoration before treatment
before restoration

Example 2

A clean painting for the Zuiderzee Museum. collection. A private owner donated the portrait of this lady to the museum. The museum stresses the importance of good maintenance of their collection. So they decided to give it a conservation treatment before showing it in their hall. The frame has been cleaned together with the painting. In this project two interns of different countries and levers collaborated together.

after conservation and restoration
painting and frame after cleaning
before  conservation and restoration
painting and frame before cleaning

example 1

A fascinating story is this restoration project of the portrait of Edzard Jacob Tjarda van Starkenborgh. His name alone makes you curious. Who was this young man? He was lord of Estate Verhildersum in Leens. The portrait was restored in the restoration workshop in 2017. Colleague Josien van der Werf.has restored the frame. This is a beautifully realized restoration project.  Research into the origin of the frame supports the choices in treatment of the frame. The project is an outstanding example of collaboration between two disciplines.

after conservation restoration of both frame and painting
after restoration frame and portret of Edzard JacobTjarda van Starkenborg
before conservation restoration of both frame and painting
before restoration frame and portret of Edzard JacobTjarda van Starkenborg.

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