Jonson van Ceulen

Jonson van Ceulen

Tomorrow, 21st June 2016, the ongoing conservation and restoration of a painting by Jonson van Ceulen, depicting the Archers Guild of Middelburg, will be open to the public visiting the town hall.


The painting of the Confraternity of Saint Sebastian stands in the entrance of the town hall in Middelburg. Visitors will learn about the history of Middelburg in the 17th century, the civic guards in general, and specifically this painting by Jonson van Ceulen including it’s current conservation treatment.

 What makes this painting by Jonson van Ceulen so special is it’s link with the Confraternity, which has 24 members and is still active today. The members are passionate about their painting and are the driving force behind this conservation project.

 Conservation and restoration is being led by Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser. Two students from Le Condé (France) are currently working under de Visser’s supervision, and in July a fourth conservator, trained at The Courtauld Institute of Art, joins the team from London.

jonson van ceulen transport

The Deken of the Confrerie, Jan de Meester

jonson van ceulen_unframing

Eric Loontjens (left) and Jan de Meester (right) unframing the painting.

jonson van ceulen_ unframing2

the painting unframed


jonson van ceulen_transport2

the painting fits through the door

jonson van ceulen_transport3

the painting enters the hall

jonson van ceulen_transport4

the painting by Jonson van Ceulen is placed on the scaffold