Conservator MdV

Conservator and restaurator
Marjan de Visser

Conservator and restaurator
Marjan de Visser

Conservator Marjan de Visser restores paintings. She  has obtained many certificates in master classes. Marjan specializes in new cleaning methods. Also abbreviated with The MCP.  Its motto is life long learning

The MCP cleaning method

training paintings restorer

In 1992 Marjan de Visser started her practical training. She was given the opportunity to do this in the studio of the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Two years later, she founded her own painting restoration studio in The Hague. Since then Marjan de Vissers has been restoring paintings in her own studio.

Marjan previously obtained her Bachelors in painting. She followed this training at the Art Academy in Arnhem. She then obtained an additional Certificate in Chemistry. In addition, Marjan has obtained many certificates. Most are in the field of conservation and restoration. But also for preventive conservation of art objects. In 2011 she obtained her master’s degree in Museology.

Her motto is: “Life long learning is what I feel comfortable with and what I find important” .

paintings restoration certificates

The certificates were obtained at training institutes in the Netherlands and abroad. Such as at the  RCE  (National Cultural Heritage) Amsterdam. And also at  the SRAL Foundation  in Maastricht. Abroad at  IAP  in London. But also at  INP  Paris. Finally, this is also possible at the Association of Restorers of the Netherlands . Marjan’s specialty is cleaning unvarnished and varnished oil paintings. But also unvarnished acrylic paintings. Marjan cleans according to the New Cleaning Methods, developed by Richard Wolbers She is currently researching the possibilities of acrylic paint cleaning with micro emulsions. Also introduced by Wolbers in the painting restoration. That is why she attended the CAPS ‘Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces’ workshop in August 2014. It was taught in Ottawa at the  Canadian Conservation Institute.


experience painting restorer

Marjan de Visser likes to restore paintings from her favorite art periods. These are:  ‘de Ploeg’  Painters from Groningen, 1st half of the 20th century. In addition, the international artists’ movement CoBra, 2nd half of the 20th century. Certainly also modern painting from the 20th century and contemporary painting. But also paintings from the 17th century. It applies to paintings on linen and panel. Since 1994 also paintings from Indonesia. There she has a small clientele. These are the so-called ‘Beautiful Indies’ paintings. It concerns artists such as GP Adolfs, Annemarie Blaupot Ten Cate. But also CL Dake, Leo Eland and Auke Sonnega.


Experience abroad

This aroused Marjan’s interest in the influence of the tropical climate on oil paintings. Because the temperature (T) is many times higher in the tropics. And the humidity (RH) is also high all year round. Marjan restored no fewer than twice in Jakarta. These were paintings by Indonesian artists such as Affandi, Sudjojono, Lee Man Fong and Hendra Gunawan . 

Marjan de Visser also restores paintings on  Curaçao.  Since 2005 she has worked there four times. The first time was at the invitation of  the Landhuis Bloemhof Foundation , for which Marjan handled the modern art collection. Other commissions included two 19th century portraits of Landhuis Rooi Catootje and the Jewish Cultural Historical Museum.

Painting conservator and Museologist

In addition to paintings as a restorer, Marjan de Visser obtained her Masters degree in Museology in 2011. She did this at the  Reinwardt Academy  in Amsterdam. This enables Marjan to provide extra services to museums. Marjan helps you with collection management. She also writes appendices about the handling of artworks. It also carries out risk analyzes in depots. For the  Heritage House South Holland  , Marjan was asked several times for the Management and Conservation course. She did this together with Judith Tegelaers.

Marjan de Visser’s Curriculum Vitae and Masters thesis are available on request.


if a client wants to sell a  painting, Marjan mediates for a suitable consultant. Marjan de Visser is a member of the Dutch Restorers’ Association, she was included in the Restorers Register. Since 2019 there has been a new  Restorers Register for which she still has to register. She has signed the Code of Ethics. Marjan de Visser is also a member of the  International Museum Association  ICOM (International Council of Museums) and of  ICOM-CC  (committee for conservation).

★ I like to share my knowledge of paintings and love for conservation with colleagues and clients ★

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