Muiderslot paintings restoration project 2019

Het restauratie project Muiderslot was successfully completed in April 2019. However, in 2016 an exploratory question was asked from the castle. “How is the condition of our paintings?” Marjan de Visser then drew up an action plan. This resulted in an agreement for a concise survey. This meant that more than 40 paintings were assessed in the gallery and in the depot. De Visser did this together with a colleague painting restoration Marya Albrecht in 2017-2018. This has yielded at least 40 insightful condition reports with photos.

Muiderslot schilderijen restauratie project

Condition chekc muiderslot collection

The result of the first survey were drawn in a report with three qualifications. Here A meant good. Which only means basic conservation. And B meant, needs some attention. However, C implied that the painting urgently needed treatment.

Depending on the available budget, a few paintings were selected for restoration in Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser in 2018. Two paintings were added on loan from the Rijks Museum. Because the Muiderslot is also a national monument.

presentation progress of Muiderslot paintings restoration project

As usual, there was regular contact with the client during the restoration project. For example, the collection manager of the Muiderslot, Geerte Broersma, visited the restoration studio. Simultaneously with her, Petria Nobel, who heads the department of paintings restoration and conservation at the Rijks Museum will also look at her two works.


Muiderslot painting conservation project 2018


During these meetings, short presentations were given about the test phase of the restoration. Naturally, Nobel helped determine the restoration project. Because its approval of the proposal is decisive for the restoration. Later in the project, the final varnish removal and the retouching phase are also presented.

As is often the case, several unknown aspects come to light during a restoration project. This is then consulted. For example, in a painting by Abraham van Beyeren, an old glazing layer of lacquer appeared to have completely disappeared. However, after the removal of the varnish, it became clearly visible under UV fluorescence. Unfortunately, this does not mean that this beautiful paint can also be seen in daylight.

Muiderslot painting conservation project 2018

sensor push

We discovered a dubious repair on the back of a panel by Nieulandt. We wanted to know more about this. The help of Aldo Manzo was called in for this treatment. He is specialized in panels and climate moldings. We got the green light for this with a concise research proposal. This resulted in a preventive approach in which the list was converted into a climate list. A climate sensor has been added to monitor the climate in the list. A sensor has also been placed on the back wall. Thus we can follow the result of the climate list. However, not all meters are so small that they fit into a climate list. The Sensor Push meter that we use has been specially developed for this. 

Team Muiderslot painting restoration project 

In this project, not only the paintings but also the frames were treated. Two interns worked on this. An intern studied at NIMETO with a specialization in restoration. In this way, De Visser, together with Albrecht and Manzo and interns, was able to deliver a total restoration to the Muiderslot.

★ Mijn kennis van schilderijen en de liefde voor restauratie in het algemeen deel ik graag ★

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