restoration of paintings

Conservation and Restoration of paintings by Marjan de Visser

In Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser for restoration of paintings. Marjan de Visser is a member of the conservation and restoration association Restauratoren Nederland.
Restauratieatelier marjan de visser is a recognized training company for MBO students and Marjan de Visser super vises interns from The Netherlands and abroad.

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Below you find a summary of some services that Marjan de Visser offers in her studio together with her colleagues and interns. In the menu you can read more about the specific restoration of paintings and conservation treatment. Interesting articles about the restoration, interns, workshops, and colleagues can be found under ‘blog’. Enjoy the reading and whenever you have questions contact Marjan de Visser.

Marjan de Visser restorer-conservator of paintings

Detailed quotation for work to be undertaken are available on production of the artwork.

treatment process All stages of the work undertaken are documented and photographed under daylight and UV-light using digital photography.

Restauratoren Nederland and code of ethics

Accesibility painting restoration Den Haag Restauratie Atelier Marjan de Visser is located in the center of den Haag, close to Contact train station Hollands Spoor.

Newspaper Article: Ploeg Painting Conservation Project

restoration of paintings
during cleaning of painting
restoration of paintings
during cleaning of painting; removal of nicotine and dirt

★ I like to share my knowledge of paintings and love for conservation with colleagues and clients ★

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