The Hoogeland Open Air Museum

Family Louis Trip The Hoogeland Open Air Museum has a painting on loan from the Trip Family.  It is Louis Trip who, together with his wife Christina, are standing in front of the Warffumborg. In addition, they are surrounded by their


Michiel de Ruyter

Michiel de Ruyter and Anna van Gelder in the renewed exhibition ‘Go along to the sea’ (‘Ga mee naar Zee’)  by Muzeeum in Vlissingen Michiel de Ruyter and his wife Anna van Gelder were painted ca. 1680 by Ferdinand Bol to show off


Art on the Steamship the Rotterdam

About the restoration of a panel by artist Martinus Schouwman by painting restorer Marjan de Visser on the day of Friends of steamship the Rotterdam on January 22, 2023 in the grand balroom.  When the ship was built, all halls,

hendrick ten oever
Hendrick ten oever

portraits by Hendrick ten Oever

Women’s portraits by Hendrick ten Oever Ten Oever has certainly also been active in Groningen as a portraitist. In the booklet from 1953 we found portraits of the Groningen nobility. Four of his portraits hang on the r Menkemaborg in

Hendrick ten Oever
hendric ten oever

Hendrick ten Oever

A quest in Groningen This is the first part about the discovery of a painting by Hendrick ten Oever and Gratia Tjarda van Starkenborgh Marjan de Visser and Marya Albrecht restored a painting on behalf of Landgoed Verhildersum . The restoration was made

cleaning painted surfaces

Retouching the ceiling painting

IIntroduction  Retouching the ceiling painting is the last part of this project described in four blogs.The owner who bought a beautiful mansion from 1860 in The Hague, felt directly responsible for preserving this ceiling piece in the garden room. The


Lining a ceiling painting

Start of project Lining a ceiling painting after an old wax resin lining has been removed . The owner who bought a beautiful mansion from 1860 in The Hague , felt directly responsible for preserving this ceiling piece in the garden room. The

ceiling painting

Cleaning ceiling painting

Introduction  What preceded cleaning the ceiling painting: The start of the restoration project The owner who bought a beautiful mansion from 1860 in The Hague, felt directly responsible for preserving this ceiling piece in the garden room. The work had

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Virgiel’s painting

The painting at Virgiel La Pasqua di San Marco The painting “La Pasqua de San Marco” from 1935 by professor Huib Luns (1881 – 1942) shows a religious scene of the Easter feast of San Marco. This large painting has


Restoration ceiling painting

Introduction   The owner who bought a beautiful mansion from 1860 in The Hague, felt directly responsible for preserving the ceiling painting in the garden room. Because the work had had a rough life. A missing stretcher frame, cut clamping strips, many tears

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Freelance painting conservators

In addition to Marjan de Visser and interns, other freelance painting conservators work in Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser . These freelance painting conservators do not have their own studio space. That is why they restore in the studio both on assignments from the studio

artist interview

Bob Bonies interview

Interview with artist Bob Bonies on October 29, 2012 The interview was conducted by Marjan de Visser in his home and studio in The Hague. We talked for more than two and a half hours about the use of acrylic paint,


Repentir or Pentimenti, yes repent!

Rijks Museum Repentance! The Rijksmuseum gives a nice explanation of repentir and pentimenti. Another name for such improvements is the French word for repentance: ‘repentir’. Some pentimenti can be seen with the naked eye because the top layer of paint that covered

Cosmetische vernisafname
varnish removal

Cosmetic varnish removal… an attractive make-up?

what do I see? Sometimes when you look at a painting you slowly get the feeling ‘something isn’t right here’. At least the color balance seems out of balance. The light and dark contrast is also slightly distorted. Perhaps the gloss of the


handmade painting frames

Handmade artisan wood painting frames why a handmade frame? The idea behind the handmade frame is that it forms one beautiful whole with the painting. Brigitte Taal has already made a lot of frames on behalf of Restauratieatelier. Frames have been made for the collection of

restoration history

conservation history of the portrait

An exciting lecture about conservation history and the search for the artist.   ABOUT THE PORTRAIT OF GRATIA SUSANNA TJARDA VAN STARKENBORGH BORN CLANt Marjan de Visser and Marya Albrecht look for the conservation history of the portrait. They are

historic wallpaper

Handpainted Historical Wallpaper

There is a house in Holland… There is a house in Loenen aan de Vecht. One of the rooms is decorated with handpainted historical wallpaper. This historical wallpaper is not painted on paper but on linen. Flowers grow on a

cleaning painted surfaces

The Workshop of Paolo Cremonesi

Materials and Methods for Surface Cleaning and Removal of Film-Forming Materials. In the Workshop Paolo Cremonesi dots the i and crosses the t, ‘Materials and methods for surface cleaning and the removal of film-forming materials’’. This three-day workshop on surface

Jannes de Vries
cleaning painted surfaces

The last supper – Jannes de Vries

The Last Supper – Jannes de Vries was commissioned to paint for the church in Vries. Years ago, the  Protestants congregation in Vries were donated two paintings by a churchgoer. They were painted by Jannes de Vries, a triptych with


Restoration ★ Werkman cabinet ★

Restoration ★ Werkman cabinet ★ The letters around De Blauwe Schuit part 2 lays the foundation for the restaruration of the 12 religious paintings on Werkman cabinet.  In my page ★ panels of Werkman in Hindelooper cabinet ★ heb ik meer have