Professional association and ethical code

Professional association – ethical code

Marjan de Visser, professional association and ethical code; Restauratoren Nederland, ICOM-CC and BAPCR of painting restoration and conservation

Professional association and ethical code
painting conservator-restorer Marjan de Visser

Marjan de Visser is an active member of two conservators association. First the Dutch Restorers in the Netherlands. (RN). This membership therefore also means that the work is carried out in accordance with the general terms and conditions drawn up by Restauratoren Nederland. It also guarantees that all restorers thereby carry out their work according to the guidelines of the ECCO code. This code contains the rules and intentions regarding the responsibility of the restorers for the artwork to be treated.

Au Courant

Marjan edits articles for the Restauratoren Nederland for the digital newspaper ‘Au Courant’. And for the Restorers Register (RR) she is part of the ‘education’ team.

Professional association and ethical code

other memberships

Marjan de Visser is also a member of the ICOM CC, the International Council of Museums, Committee for Conservation. She is a member of BAPCR, The British Association of Paintings Conservators. In this way, she guarantees the etical code of restoration and conservation.