Restoration ★ Werkman cabinet ★

Restauratie ★paneeltjes van Werkman★

marjan de visser

The letters around De Blauwe Schuit part 2 lays the foundation for the restaruration of the 12 religious paintings on Werkman cabinet. 

In my page ★ panels of Werkman in Hindelooper cabinet ★ heb ik meer have collected more details about this correspondence

Preliminary investigation ★ panels from Werkman’s Cabinet★

hechten van opstaande verfschollen bij paneel

In the Marjan de Visser Restoration Workshop, the 12 panels of NH Werkman are being restored.

The restoration of Werkman’s ★ cupboard ★ is based on the correspondence between Werkman and Henkel in 1943 and regularly concerns Werkman’s Hindelooper cupboard. Or rather: Henkel’s cupboard. Because Henkels wants Werkman to paint twelve religious paintings on plywood for him for the doors of his cupboard. It must be representations from the Old Testament.

de kast van werkman

In addition to the iconography of the depictions, Henkels and Werkman also write about the type of wood used in the twelve panels. Because they have doubts about the quality of the plywood. In addition, Werkman writes about how the panels should be prepared. Werkman also writes about his inspiration and the results. Finally, they correspond about whether or not to varnish the panels.

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hindelooper kast van WerkmanInteresting to read that the color that the cabinet should be given has also been discussed. “A dark blue with a hint of green.

The results of the preliminary research ★ panels from Werkman’s cabinet★

These technical and material treatises are invaluable to ★ Werkman’s cabintet restoration ★. Based on this information, we know how to estimate the condition, damage and old restorations. It forms the basis for our work. This resulted in a complete condition report per panel and a conservative restoration treatment..

restauratie paneeltjes HN Werkman voor Hindelooper kast Henkels

The panels have only been cleaned in Restoration studio Marjan de Visser, the existing varnish has been preserved.

★paneeltjes van Werkman in Hindelooper-kast★

restaureren paneeltjes werkman hindelooper kast

Rarjan de Visser restoration studio in restoration of the 12 panels by Werkman for the Hindelooper cabinet.

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★ Mijn kennis van schilderijen en de liefde voor restauratie in het algemeen deel ik graag met collega’s en opdrachtgevers ★

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