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Arthur Brand

Arthur Brand saves Spring Garden

Arthur Brand saves Spring Garden from the underworld! It is thanks to the investigation of the Central Netherlands Regional Unit and Arthur Brand that The Spring Garden, painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1884, is back in the Groninger Museum.  Behind the


Roelof Koets II in the Hoogeland Open Air Museum

Family Louis Trip The Hoogeland Open Air Museum has a painting by Roelof Koets II on loan from the Trip Family.  Roelof Koets II painted Louis Trip who, together with his wife Christina, are standing in front of the Warffumborg. In


Michiel de Ruyter

Michiel de Ruyter and Anna van Gelder in the renewed exhibition ‘Go along to the sea’ (‘Ga mee naar Zee’)  by Muzeeum in Vlissingen Michiel de Ruyter and his wife Anna van Gelder were painted ca. 1680 by Ferdinand Bol to show off

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Virgiel’s painting

The painting at Virgiel La Pasqua di San Marco The painting “La Pasqua de San Marco” from 1935 by professor Huib Luns (1881 – 1942) shows a religious scene of the Easter feast of San Marco. This large painting has

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Freelance painting conservators

In addition to Marjan de Visser and interns, other freelance painting conservators work in Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser . These freelance painting conservators do not have their own studio space. That is why they restore in the studio both on assignments from the studio

Experimenting with Mist-lining for lining damage

Experimenting with Mist-lining Maggie and Marjan were experimenting with mist-lining. They tested an alternative for lining damaged canvases which is called “Mist-lining”. This picture shows our low-pressure vacuum set-up. We tested different types of damaged and prepared textiles (colored strips

Conservation Treatment Methodology Restorers Enlightenment

Conservation Treatment Methodology Restorers Enlightenment Conservation Treatment Methodology Restorers Enlightenment. In 2007 Object conservator Barbara Appelbaum wrote her second book ‘Conservation Treatment Methodology’.  Restauratoren Nederland invited her to give a masterclass on this subject, titled: Conservation Treatment Methodology Restorers Enlightenment. During the first day