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Conservation and Restoration of paintings

Painting Conservation and Restoration Marjan de Visser
marjan de visser

Marjan de Visser likes to share her knowledge of painting conservation and her love for heritage with others. Certainly a restored painting is of great value to the ones who owns and take care for it. De Visser discovers the stories behind the painting while taking to the owner. In het studio she unravels the history through observation using her eyes, but also her nose, ears and with the sense of touch. In they end every painting tells a unique story. The discovery of all these stories is exciting, and it make the profession of conservation and restoration even more interesting. Read more about the conservation of paintings in Restauratieatelier. There are pages about cleaning, varnish removal and for example retouching and mist lining.

conservation and restoration of paintings in Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser


Go to Portfolio before and after with painting and frame conservation and restoration commissions, showing beautiful examples of conservation treatments before and after.

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Studio Marjan de Visser

Marjan de Visser establishes Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser in 1994. The studio is located in Den Haag. De Visser collaborates with freelancers, and supervises interns from the Netherlands and abroad. De Visser works in her studio in Den Haag but also travelled to Curacao and Indonesia for conservation treatments. The restorers of Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser conserve and restore for museums, government and private collections.

conservation and restoration of paintings
cleaning a painting using the Modular Cleaning Program

Collaboration and Associates in conservation and restoration of paintings

In the studio the painting conservators collaborate with colleagues specialized in wood and frames. Besides this the team of the studio is on close contact with art historians, chemists, valuators, auctioneers and insurance companies. De Visser supports clients, who aim for selling their painting, in finding the best specialist.

Painting Conservation and Restoration Marjan de Visser
a busy day of conservation of paintings in Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser

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