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Interns Painting Conservation in Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser

Conservation and restoration studio Marjan de Visser is a studio where one or more internships are available every year. Because in the restoration studio, Marjan de Visser supervises interns at MBO, HBO and University level. In short, since 2007 several interns have been able to gain experience in the studio. When the trainees come to the studio for painting conservation and restoration, they can learn everything about conservation and restoration science. But also about management and preservation (preventive conservation) of collections. Of course, the interns get plenty of time to work handson. However, the trainees can learn for a maximum of six months and at least one month in the restoration studio marjan de visser.

Look here is intern Camille Maitre (2019) at work!

Camile Maitre comes from an education in Paris called Le Condé. Of course she is very motivated and very eager to learn. Although working independently in the beginning is not all automatic. That is why we guide her with our entire team. That is nice because she easily feels included in our midst. For this I thank my colleagues for their support of this young intern.

Interns Painting Conservation
Camille Maitre intern

There is always an intern at paintings restoration studio Marjan de Visser.

Obviously, this is very important for the continuation of our field of painting conservation and restoration. In addition, training and practical experience in a restoration studio is also very educational. So you don’t see the interns growing in executive restoration alone. They also experience personal growth. An extra benifit for the Interns in painting conservation.

Interns Painting Conservation
Morgane Noly intern

Trainees painting conservation restoration from 2007

Ewa Szarłata-januari 2020 Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Krakau, Polen

Interns Painting Conservation
Ewa Szarłata

more interns

Milou van Erven, Eindhoven, oktober 2019-januari 2020 Sint Lucas College, Boxtel

Milou van Erven Interns Painting Conservation
Milou van Erven

Joanna Pietrzyk, september-oktober 2019 (read her blog) Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, Krakau, Polen

Joanna Pietrzyk Interns Painting Conservation
Joanna Pietrzyk

Camille Maître zomer 2019, Ecole de Condé, Paris, France

Sanne van Joost september 2018-januari 2019 NIMETO-Utrecht

Sanne van Joost Interns Painting Conservation
Sanne van Joost

Sofie Dubbeldam en Elisabeth Petrina, augustus 2018

Sofie Dubbeldam, UVA, Amsterdam

Elisabeth Petrina, Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge

Sofie Dubbeldam en Elisabeth Petrina Interns Painting Conservation
Sofie Dubbeldam en Elisabeth Petrina

Antonia Otten, Köln, Germany, November-December 2018, Orientation internship

Interns Painting Conservation
Antonia Otten stagiaire

Mathilda Althausen, 2018 Orientation internship, Germany

Interns Painting Conservation
Mathilda Ahaus

Eden Victoria Christian, 2017 (read her blog).

Painting Conservation student at Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials,  Melbourne Australia

Eden Victoria Christian

Morgane Noly and Johanne Jusselme-2016 Ecole de Condé, Lyon-Paris, France

Morgane Noly-2015 Ecole de Condé, Lyon, France

Sjoukje van der Laan & Marleen Wagenaar, 2015 Students UVA, modern art UVA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Interns Painting Conservation
sjoukje van der Laan en Marleen Wagenaar

Celine de Ruiter-2014/2015 – CIBAP-vakschool voor verbeelding, Zwolle, The Netherlands

Interns Painting Conservation
Celine de Ruiter

Anna Don-2014 City & Guilds of London Artschool, London, UK

Anna Don

Jan Fechner-2014 Master Konservierungs- und Restaurierungswissenschaft, Germany

Zuhura Iddi-2013 UVA Conservering en Restauratiekunde, Amsterdam,The Netherlands

Interns Painting Conservation
Zuhura Iddi

Lenka Argalasova (read her blog)-2012 Ecole de Condé, Paris, France

Maggie Barkovic-2011 became student aan the Courtauld, Institute of Art, London, UK

mist lining
Maggie Barkovic

Celine Brun, 2008 oriëntation internship, Zwitserland

Joyce Schouten-2007 Nimeto, Utrecht, The Netherlands

contact us for Interns in painting conservation.

★ Mijn kennis van schilderijen en de liefde voor restauratie in het algemeen deel ik graag met collega’s en opdrachtgevers ★

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