Agarose in conservation

Agarose can be used to measure pH and conductivity of a painted surface. this way we can determine what cleaning mixture should be mixed.

Agarose in conservation, schilderijenrestauratie Marjan de Visser
Richard Wolbers always refines his methods and applications. On of his latest inventions is the use of Agarose in measuring pH and conductivity. Only a 4% solution is gelly enough to work with, so you don’t need much.

What Richard does, is making little circles of Agarose fitting perfect into the Twin Horiba meters. Firsty you  measure the conductivity than the pH.
I Love it.
So almost everybody of the RN workshop wanted to give this methode a followup. Barbara Schoonhoven organised a shared purchase from Qiagen, and I took care of the trading.
Hope TNT knows what Agarose is….