Der Trecker (THE PULLER) developed by W. Heiber


┬┤Der Trecker┬┤ was introduced to me by Ulrike Fischer researcher at the Doerner institute Munchen during the workshop TEAR BONDING given at the SRAL (Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg) May 2011. Der Trecker was invented by Winfried Heiber for bringing together … Lees verder

Experimenting with Mist-lining

Maggie and Marjan tested an alternative for lining damaged canvases called “Mist-lining”. This picture shows our low-pressure vacuum set-up. We tested different types of damaged and prepared textiles (colored strips in the photo) on a variety of lining canvases. Mist-lining is a great option–it was a very interesting and successful experiment!

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