Assisting Richard Wolbers workshop on New Methods of Cleaning

Richard Wolbers is back in Europe travelling for 6 weeks to several countries, UK, France as well as the Netherlands where he is giving right now his famous lectures on ‘New Methods of Cleaning (painted) Surfaces. The restorers association Restauratoren Nederland (RN) invited him to come to the Netherlands. Richard is famous for both his content and way of teaching. That’s not only my point of view, as I’m very fond of his lectures… but speaking to an English chemist teacher/paper restorer that specially came over for the theoretical part, I understood that Richards teaching methods are famous too. The Englishman was not the only foreigner, as the Danish Statens Museum for Kunst sends her restorer too. The theoretical part was given at the Reinwardt Akademie in Amsterdam serving good meals and coffees, the forthcoming 3 days we shall be hosted by RCE Rijswijk. For me it’s the third time and this time an honour to assist him in the lab and a great pleasure. One of the participants writes a report to be published in RN’s magazine Aux Courant….To be continued.
Of course it’s raining in spring
last day of lectures


my colleague Josien
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  1. Wat is die Richard Wolbers een inspirerende leraar. Geweldig, hoe hij zulke ingewikkelde materie zo helder en leuk ook nog kan uitleggen. Ik verheug me op het praktische gedeelte.
    Groetjes your colleague Josien 🙂

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