Modular Cleaning Program practical cours by Chris Stavroudis

After the theoretical part of September 1 and 2 (see publication below’, 16 restorers of all disciplines came together at the SRAL in Maastricht, to learn how the MCP programme works in practice. Kate Bangerter and Marjan de Visser took their home/made MCP kit and tested it on the spot with the aid of Chris.

Besides that we all made new mixtures to make a kit for everybody. It was a hard working four days….in which we got divided in groups and mixed the five orthogonal components. They are water, pH buffer, chelating agent, surfactant and gelling agent. Besides that we mixed a solvent set and a Pemulen set.
During the workshop we tested the system of the set, and discussed the results.
We all went home with our own sets and can get started.
I was exhausted but satisfied, right now I already feel very confident with this method. I helps you in speeding up cleaning tests and making the recipe you chose, in every amount you want.

All restorers togehter. Chris is at the back row right behind Marjan in the blue-white stripe shirt.
putting the mixture in bottels and label them…
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