Internship at Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser

Lenka Argalasova conserves two codes of Arms for Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie in The Hague during her internship at painting Restauratieatelier marjan de Visser

Lenka working on a early 17th century wooden panel with a coat of arms, belonging to the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie in Den Haag

Vernis afnemen

My name is Lenka Argalasova, I am in the last year of Masters in painting conservation at the Condé school in Paris. I have chosen to do my internship at the conservation studio of Marjan de Visser, because I wanted to discover the “Dutch way” in painting restoration. I also chose to do an internship in the Netherlands because I always admired Dutch art, especially 17th’s century paintings, But I like restoring old art as well as contemporary art, because I find that restoring a contemporary painting is sometimes more challenging than an old one.