Edzard Jacob Tjarda van Starkenborgh


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Edzard Jacob Tjarda van Starkenborgh is weer thuis Martinus van Grevenbroeck schilderde het portret van Edzard Jacob Tjarda van Starkenborgh (1657-1716) in de tweede helft van de zeventiende eeuw. Edzard draagt een prachtig kostuum met leeuwenkoppen en rode linten. De … Lees verder

Internship at Restauratieatelier Marjan de Visser

Lenka Argalasova conserves two codes of Arms for Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie in The Hague during her internship at painting Restauratieatelier marjan de Visser

Lenka working on a early 17th century wooden panel with a coat of arms, belonging to the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie in Den Haag

Vernis afnemen

My name is Lenka Argalasova, I am in the last year of Masters in painting conservation at the Condé school in Paris. I have chosen to do my internship at the conservation studio of Marjan de Visser, because I wanted to discover the “Dutch way” in painting restoration. I also chose to do an internship in the Netherlands because I always admired Dutch art, especially 17th’s century paintings, But I like restoring old art as well as contemporary art, because I find that restoring a contemporary painting is sometimes more challenging than an old one.

Restoration easel painting by Lucila Engels ENNIA Art Collection

Marjan de Visser shows Josee Thissen the options of retouching.
Marjan en Josee always have fun working together.

Painting restorer Marjan de Visser and Art historian Joseé Thissen-Rojer discuss the possibilities of retouching the oil paint of an easel painting by Curaçao artist Lucila Engels. Lucila made this painting in the Seventies of the Twentieth century; it depicts a ‘harbor scene’. The Insurance Company ENNIA bought it soon after it was finished.
This is not the first collaboration between Marjan en Josee. Joseé brought Marjan to Curacao in 2005 to investigate the painting collection of ‘Landhuis Bloemhof’. Three year later they started the conservation with the financial help of UNESCO. Together they hold a lecture about the conservation process.
Curacao @ Art Foundation is the latest project in which these two women collaborate. Initiated in 2011 by Joseé Thissen-Rojer for which she obtained a grant from the ‘ Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied’, presented by the Governor Mister Goedgedrag. This foundation advocates worldwide attention for the Visual Art of Curacao. 
Josee Thissen Rojer receiving the grant from Govenor Frits Goedgedrag. Left, President of Prins Bernhardfonds: Mr.  W. Curiel.

schilderij reinigen the MCP in Practice

MCP in Practice

 The MCP is een eenvoudig methode om meerdere reinigingsmiddelen in een kort tijd te testen. Hoe vaker je het gebruikt hoe sneller het testen gaat. 


Plaats de potjes in de juiste volgorde, zet de mengbekertjes klaar met pipetjes, potlood bij de hand en starten!

the MCP in practice

the MCP in practice

de opstelling.